Wow, this is fantastic! You’ve decided to book an outdoor photo session, and your timing couldn’t be better. With fall right around the corner, cooler weather will soon be here, followed by some autumn colors. And with all of Charleston available as your personal background, and an amazing photographer (me!) to capture you at your best, it’s going to be an incredible shoot.

Now, how do you decide where to have your session?

I’ve been shooting around Charleston for many years, and I can help guide you in your selection.

First, we want to consider who is being photographed and why. Is it just you, for a portrait? For a headshot? Is it an engagement session? Maternity? Is it a family session? Children? How young? How many? Pets? We want to keep in mind things like attention spans, distractibility, bathroom access, parking, how far a walk once parked, and mood.

Here are some of my favorite locations within 15 minutes of downtown Charleston.

The French Quarter

Yes, that’s a very broad area. I like to start at Washington Square Park and end up on Queen Street at Philadelphia Alley. There are beautiful doorways, wrought-iron lamps, brick/cobblestone streets, tree-shaded alleys, and historic pre-Revolutionary buildings and churches. If your session lends itself to a stroll through one of the most beautiful spots in downtown Charleston, then this area is ideal.

Photographer In Charleston SC

The Battery

Family Photograph in Charleston, SC

Hampton Park

Here we have a wonderful rustic/rural background. It’s a quiet spot with tons of 
gorgeous oaks, flowers and greenery. Plenty of room for kids to run around, too. There are formal gardens, walking paths and gazebos galore. We can choose one location, or wander through several.

Family Photography in Charleston SC

Lighthouse Inlet Heritage Reserve (or any beach!)

This location includes the beach as well as areas with trees/shade and marsh. You’ve got a quiet beach, lighthouse views, waves crashing on rocks, and awesome golden-light opportunities. I like this location better than nearby Folly Beach because it has areas that offer more privacy. Ssshh! It’ll be our secret.
Riverfront Park. This one’s in North Charleston. This location has a great variety of looks. Manicured gardens with fountains, walkways along the river, tree-shaded paths, and some cool urban backdrops nearby as well. It’s a scenic spot that’s usually quiet and well-suited to a session.

Family Photography in Charleston SC

Lastly, don’t overlook having the photo session right at your own home!

For families (especially with young children), it can sometimes be best to have a fun family session right at home where kids are often the most comfortable. There are usually fun props available and places both inside and out that lend themselves to memorable photos! When the setting is a place that’s emotionally meaningful, like a kid’s bedroom or their back yard, it makes the finished image mean even more.

Family Photography in Charleston SC

Choosing the right setting can be key to capturing an image that you will love. Give me a call, and let’s discuss the perfect location for your upcoming photo session.