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We've all heard the expression "a picture is worth a thousand words". And photos really are a special way to help tell the story of our lives - who we are and what's important to us.

And, of course, some images speak to us more strongly than others. More often than not we love a photo not so much because it shows us how we look but because it captures a very human element that is hard to express in words an authentic connection with those we love or with ourselves and how we show up or want to be seen in the world.

Whether you're looking to capture someone's attention with a professional headshot or want to commemorate the beautiful connection with your partner or family, I can help.

My name is Adam Chandler, and as a professional photographer in Seabrook Island, SC. I truly find joy and fulfillment in the work I do. I love the adventure of photography and I continually immerse myself in learning and exploring how to improve my craft which includes learning new ways to connect with and capture my subjects. I truly understand that, for many people (if not most), even the idea of having your picture taken can cause a good bit of discomfort and anxiety. That's why I place so much importance on putting my subjects at ease while also really listening to any concerns or wants they have for their session.

I draw upon my technical knowledge of photography, my ability to connect with people, and my creativity to produce beautifully memorable photos for my clients. I believe that my unique creative vision and many years of experience combined with the way I strive to give my clients the most enjoyable experience possible sets me apart from some of the other great photographers in Seabrook Island.


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Family Photography Seabrook Island, SC  Photographer Seabrook Island, SC


Now that you know a little about my background, let's take a look at some of
my most popular photography services in Seabrook Island: My mission is to beautifully capture the joy and connection of each unique family while also creating a fun experience for my clients.

 Portrait Photographer Seabrook Island, SC

The importance of family is hard to overstate. From children to grandparents to nieces and nephews, families and the family dynamic can grow and change before you know it, with many beautiful milestones taking place along the way.

I think that one of the best ways to remember some of these important moments of togetherness is with a fun family photo session.

I absolutely love photographing families and, while no two families are the same, I always strive to give each session my all in order to best connect with and capture the uniqueness of each family. Even though each session is somewhat different, I approach each one with the same goal: to capture the distinct personality, affection, and energy of each family in order to provide authentic, engaging pictures and a joyful experience.

Whether you have a toddler that you want to celebrate or have grandparents in town for a visit, Seabrook Island is an amazing city for family photography. There are so many locations in the Lowcountry that make for great family photography backdrops:

  • Beaches - Folly Beach, Sullivan's Island, Kiawah, Seabrook, Isle of Palms, Hilton Head, Edisto Beach
  • Popular Places - Washington Square, Broad Street, Hampton Park, Waterfront Park, Shem Creek, The Cistern at College of Seabrook Island
  • Historical Sites - Seabrook Island Battery, Fort Sumter, Magnolia Plantation and Gardens, Rainbow Row

Whatever location you choose for family photography in Seabrook Island, the Holy City is a wonderful place to explore and enjoy with friends and family.

As a family photographer in Seabrook Island, one of the reasons why I love working with families so much (in addition to getting to meet some really awesome people) is the opportunity to combine my creativity with my ever-evolving technical skill. I also gladly accommodate the style preferences my clients are looking for - be it more traditional, posed images, or candid, playful pictures.

I use a clear yet relaxed style of direction to get you and your family engaged in our photography session, to help get authentic expressions that really show the unique dynamic and relationships of each family.

Here are just a few reasons why families choose Adam Chandler Photography for their family portraits:

Document Family Growth

Change, of course, is part of life and with each passing year families, too, change and often grow. Each stage is beautiful in its own way and having annual family photographs is a fun way to document the different seasons of family life. Be it a new baby, a birthday or anniversary or simply wanting to capture your kids at each special age, I'd be honored to be chosen to help tell the story of your family over the years.

Remember Milestones

With each year that passes, new milestones are reached. From a child's first steps to a sibling getting married, there is no better way to remember these wonderful occasions than with quality photographs. Whether you're welcoming a new puppy into your life, are celebrating an anniversary or finally have gathered your extended family together in one place, capturing these special times in your life is a great way to ensure you'll be able to enjoy and relive these moments years from now.

Create Memories

Many families tell me before their sessions that it's not often that they are all able to be together and they emphasize how special and important this session is. Or, perhaps, a mom or dad will talk about how fleetingly special a certain age of their child is and how they really want to capture their children's personalities. Even if you capture lots of great moments of your family throughout the year it's likely not very often that all of you are in the pictures at once (other than maybe having a stranger tell you to "say cheese" after you hand them your phone. Having a time that's dedicated to capturing the special bonds between family members - parents and their children, grandparents and their grandchildren, siblings and maybe extended family as well - is so important. We all know just how special these people and moments are and how we tend to treasure these memories more with each passing year.

Portraits And Headshots In Seabrook Island, SC

A great headshot shows you at your best - whether you want to impress a prospective employer or need professional photography for your website. In today's digitally-intensive society, having a professional headshot or portrait of you or your team that stands out for all the right reasons is becoming a necessity. It's no surprise, then, that headshots and portraits are among the most popular genres of photography.

Headshots can be tricky, mostly because many (if not most) people don't like being in front of the camera (trust me, I totally get that). I know that for some clients, it can be hard to know what to do, what to wear or how to relax enough to let their authentic selves come through so that they can end up with a professional photo or headshot that inspires authenticity and confidence.

Fortunately, I have years of experience taking professional headshots of all types of people. No matter what your comfort level is with having your picture taken, I pride myself on being able to create the conditions necessary to help capture my clients as you want to be seen. Through lighting, posing and direct yet relaxed interaction I'll help guide you to great photos that you’ll be proud to showcase and share with others.

A professional headshot or portrait is an investment into your personal brand, and here is why:

 Portrait Photographer Seabrook Island, SC
 Best Photographer Seabrook Island, SC

Show Your Personality

Not all headshots should be approached the same way. Depending on your industry or how you'll be using the photos, there are certain things to consider. A great headshot reflects not just how you look but also how you show up in the world. It can help give people an idea of the kind of person you are before you sit down to meet them. Oftentimes, too, people may want a variety of "looks" to suit different needs and uses. My goal is to listen to your expectations and then deliver results that will serve you will in your professional and/or personal life.

 Beach Photography Seabrook Island, SC

Show Your Professionalism

Clients, collaborators, investors, and employers are typically much more likely to interview you or to contact you or your business if you look professional. If you've taken the time to invest in your brand, in part by making the effort to arrange a professional headshot, people notice that. And who doesn't want to make a great first (or second or third) impression?

 Family Portrait Photographer Seabrook Island, SC

Stand Out on Social Media

Many of my clients make appointments for headshots and portraits when they want to stand out from the crowd on social media. Whether you own a business and need to create new social media pages or you're looking to network with recruiters on LinkedIn or, perhaps, update your website, a professional headshot can definitely set you apart in the modern sea of selfies and snapshots that you often see out there.

 Wedding Photographer Seabrook Island, SC

Show Off Your Current Look

None of us look the same as we did 10 or 15 years ago yet some of us keep the same photo up for decades. Having outdated headshots can send a message of inauthenticity. When you have up-to-date, professional headshots, you're showing clients and employers that you are confident, committed, and authentic.

 Headshots Seabrook Island, SC

Qualities Of A Great Photographer In Seabrook Island, SC

Being a great photographer means more than owning fancy equipment. While having expensive gear can be quite helpful, the real test of a professional, for me, has a lot more to do with being able to draw upon my deep understanding of the craft of photography so that I can focus more on connecting with and beautifully capturing my subjects without getting bogged down in figuring out the technical side of things. It's taken me many years to get where I am and I'm always striving to improve in order to continue to deliver the best pictures and most enjoyable experience possible for my clients.

Clients choose Adam Chandler Photography because my experience shows and they trust me to always give them the results and experience that they're looking for. Here are just a few qualities that my clients appreciate:

 Engagement Photography Seabrook Island, SC


I wholeheartedly consider photography to be an artform - one that requires lots of curiosity and imagination along with a good bit of technique. A great photographer knows how to get beautiful results no matter what the conditions or circumstances are and this only comes with experience and preparation.

Family Photography Seabrook Island, SC


This quality might seem obvious but I can't tell you how many times I've seen photography that may be technically good but is missing something. My passion for photography largely comes from my passion for connecting with people in a way that helps them feel comfortable letting their guard down so they can enjoy the process. And this almost always leads to exceptional, authentic images.

 Photographer Seabrook Island, SC


Patience can also be essential for great photos. As in life, there are many things that we just can't control. Sometimes the best photos come from patiently going with the flow and not trying to force something to happen. I find that when I'm patient yet prepared - ready to capture the right moment or expression when the time is right - that's often the best approach. As a professional with many years of experience, I understand the importance of having the patience to deal with whatever comes my way as well as the flexibility and preparedness to make the most out of any situation.

 Portrait Photographer Seabrook Island, SC

People Skills

If ever there was a business where people skills were important I think portrait photography is definitely one of them. Knowing how uncomfortable many people can be when getting their pictures taken, I put every effort into helping ensure the best possible experience for my clients and communication is such a big part of that. I love interacting with my clients to build trust and rapport as well as a deep understanding of your expectations including any concerns you may have. As I've said, for me my job is not just about delivering beautiful images but also a wonderful client experience. That's why I focus so much on each and every interaction with my clients. Yes, people skills are a must in this business. Luckily for me, it's one of my favorite parts of the job!

Eye for Detail

As a professional photographer in Seabrook Island, SC I am meticulous when it comes to details. Through my many years of photographing many different types of subjects under many different circumstances I've come to learn just how important details are. Whether it's finding or creating the best quality of light for my clients, eliciting a great expression or
adjusting the background or, perhaps, a piece of clothing, all of these things impact the overall look and feel of a photo. Whether I'm photographing a family, a business professional or a couple in love I always look for all the ways I can create the best image possible.

 Portrait Photographer Seabrook Island, SC
 Best Photographer Seabrook Island, SC

"As I hope you can tell by looking at my work, I really love my job. And most of all I love the people I get to meet and work with. I'd be honored and delighted to be chosen for your photography needs."

Adam Chandler

Ready to Get Started?

One of my favorite things to do is to talk to clients about what they're looking for and how I can serve them. If you are in need of professional photography, let's talk today about what you have in mind. Whether you're looking for family or couples' photography in Seabrook Island or want great new headshots for you or your team, I'm here to help every step of the way!  

Latest News in Seabrook Island, SC

Marz to lead Culinary Institute of the South in Bluffton

A new chef familiar with South Carolina will now lead The Technical College of the Lowcountry's Culinary Institute of the South.Chef Francine Marz will serve as dean of the Culinary Institute of the South, a news release said.The Culinary Institute of the South is a 30,000+-square-foot training facility in Bluffton that features six academic classrooms, two teaching kitchens, one show kitchen, a baking lab, lecture theater, teaching restaurant, and a café, TCL said.Students can choose from one of th...

A new chef familiar with South Carolina will now lead The Technical College of the Lowcountry's Culinary Institute of the South.

Chef Francine Marz will serve as dean of the Culinary Institute of the South, a news release said.

The Culinary Institute of the South is a 30,000+-square-foot training facility in Bluffton that features six academic classrooms, two teaching kitchens, one show kitchen, a baking lab, lecture theater, teaching restaurant, and a café, TCL said.

Students can choose from one of three program areas at the Institute: , baking and pastry, culinary, and hospitality, and can elect to earn an associate degree or certificate in these areas.

“I’m very excited about the building and all the potential opportunities that are here,” Marz said. “The team at the culinary school and the college itself were just the right fit.”

Marz, a South Carolina native, said she is excited to be relocating back to her home state and the Lowcountry.

“I love this area and the fact that it is a growing area, and just everything it has to offer,” she said.

Marz has more than 30 years of industry experience, most recently serving as culinary director for Northampton Community College in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, TCL said. While at Northampton, Marz oversaw renovation of the school’s student-run restaurant, culinary kitchen and related facilities. She also headed up the college’s culinary program, overseeing faculty, catering and students .

Prior to working for Northampton Community College, Marz worked for Montgomery County Community College in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, where she was responsible for opening its Culinary Arts Institute and launching the school’s curriculum, a news release said..

Before moving into education, TCL said Marz worked in a number of restaurants, hotels and resorts across the country, such as Marriott Hotel and Contemporary Resort in Walt Disney World, often serving in leadership roles or as executive chef.

TCL President Richard Gough said in the news release the college was very happy to have Marz join the team.

“Having worked in the industry and also having opened and worked at not one but two culinary schools similar to ours made her the ideal candidate for the dean’s position,” Gough said. “Her energy and enthusiasm will certainly have an impact.”

Marz earned her doctorate in organizational leadership, innovation and learning last year from Wilmington University in New Castle, Delaware.

She also holds a master’s in business administration with a concentration in international business and finance from Argosy University in Phoenix; a bachelor's in food service management from Johnson & Wales University in Charleston; and associate degrees in baking and pastry and in culinary arts, also from Johnson & Wales. While in college, Marz worked at the Mills House Hotel, Seabrook Island Resort and Peninsula Grill.

Marz replaces Chef Miles Huff, who retired in June. TCL said Huff was instrumental in launching the Culinary Institute of the South, which opened last November.

Camp ‘Can’ Do at MUSC for child burn victims back after 2-year COVID hiatus

At 6 years old Lucas Parra joined an unfortunately growing number of children in South Carolina.He and his mother, Ashlee Parra, were making dinner at their home in West Ashley. Placing his step stool inches away from the stovetop and within arm’s length of his mother, he climbed up to the kitchen counter to make his regular glass of chocolate milk.Parra was boiling a pot of water on the stove when suddenly, Lucas’s stool gave out underneath him.As he fell to the floor his right elbow tipped the pot of boilin...

At 6 years old Lucas Parra joined an unfortunately growing number of children in South Carolina.

He and his mother, Ashlee Parra, were making dinner at their home in West Ashley. Placing his step stool inches away from the stovetop and within arm’s length of his mother, he climbed up to the kitchen counter to make his regular glass of chocolate milk.

Parra was boiling a pot of water on the stove when suddenly, Lucas’s stool gave out underneath him.

As he fell to the floor his right elbow tipped the pot of boiling water over, scalding his face, shoulder and arm.

Drenched in boiling water, his Orange Grove Elementary School sweatshirt clung to his skin, causing second- and third-degree scald burns. He’d just started first grade.

“It was one of the scariest days of my life,” Parra said.

Over 1,000 people in South Carolina will need inpatient burn care each year. And since 2020, a growing number of kids in South Carolina have been hospitalized at the South Carolina Burn Center at MUSC Health, the only inpatient burn care center in the state.

Tiffany Smith is the pediatric burn program coordinator at the center. She said nationally, pediatric burn numbers rose during the pandemic as kids stayed home and cooked more often.

And in 2022 the number of children hospitalized for burn treatment at MUSC increased over 40 percent from 2020.

Smith also serves as the director for Camp ‘Can’ Do, a free five-day camp designed for children who’ve suffered burn injuries and hosted by MUSC Burned Children’s Fund and South Carolina State Firefighters’ Association.

“What’s really great about the camp is they can be with other kids who have been through similar experiences,” Parra said. “They’re able to be with kids who understand what it’s like to be looked at because they have scars.”

This year marks the camp’s first year back in operation since taking a two-year hiatus due to COVID-19 restrictions. Kids ages 6-17 bunkered down at Camp St. Christopher on Seabrook Island Aug. 6-11.

“It was amazing to watch these children just be kids and not worry about their burn injury or if they had a scar and live life to the fullest,” Smith told The Post and Courier.

A lasting impression

Days at Camp ‘Can’ Do start early, with campers rising at 6 a.m. to go fishing on the docks, followed by a group breakfast and activities based on the theme for that year.

This year’s theme was “Under the Sea,” so campers visited the Splash Zone water park on James Island and the South Carolina Aquarium, ending their evenings beachside.

For many camp volunteers like firefighters, pediatric burn team members and adult burn survivors, working with burn survivors every year leaves a lasting impression on both parties.

This was the case for Ross Vezin, deputy chief of operations for the Beaufort Port Royal Fire Department and camp counselor for more than 10 years.

He recalled years ago, watching one of his campers who’d been severely burned in a house fire as an infant catch his first fish at the docks at Camp St. Christopher.

The camper’s burns were so severe his hands, nose and ears were unsalvageable, and left him with a prosthetic nose and ears.

“To see him catch a fish for the first time with no fingers or hands, just using his arm to reel in the fish down at the fishing dock at 7 a.m. kind of changed my life,” Vezin said.

“All he had on his face the rest of the week was a smile,” Vezin added.

In the blink of an eye

Smith said most of the burns she sees at MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital are scald burns, which occur when exposed to hot liquid or vapor.

She said many of these patients can heal within seven days depending on the depth and size of the burn. But there are instances where a patient needs surgery, like a skin substitute or autograph, the process of taking skin from a different part of the patient’s body and placing it over the burn to heal.

Lucas has had two surgeries since his incident nearly 10 years ago. One was a skin substitute. The other was to perfect the look of one the scars on his right arm.

“As a mom, you think something like this will never happen to you,” Parra said. “But it happened in the blink of an eye.”

Lucas was invited to the camp the summer of 2013 by his nurses at the Medical University of South Carolina, months after his accident. They helped care for him after his skin graph surgery and were instrumental in getting the program started.

Now 15 years old and a sophomore at West Ashley High School, Lucas has attended every camp since 2013.

He’s not afraid of the kitchen

According to a recent report from the National Library of Medicine, nearly 20 percent of school-aged children experienced significant traumatic stress reactions less than a month after sustaining a burn.

The reactions include avoidance, hyperarousal and flashbacks. The report also found that some kids feel a “reexperience” every time they mention their burn injury and many are worried about whether they will fully recover.

Parra said she is proud of the way Lucas has dealt with the hardships of having a burn injury. Whether it’s standing up to a middle school bully or volunteering and advocating for the Burned Children’s Fund, Lucas hasn’t let his injury hinder his progress.

“He’s still very outgoing and likes to tell jokes and laugh,” Parra said.

Lucas also works at the Early Bird Diner in Charleston as a dishwasher and busboy and hopes to graduate to line cook in the near future.

“Its funny,” Parra said proudly, “he’s really not afraid to be in the kitchen. Now, he’s big into culinary arts.”

South Carolina's Best Beaches, Ranked By Popularity

South Carolina is a stunning place to visit not just for its rich history and mesmerizing landscapes but also for its magnificent beaches. The state's coastline, which stretches for 187 miles along the Atlantic, is home to some of the most splendid and p...

South Carolina is a stunning place to visit not just for its rich history and mesmerizing landscapes but also for its magnificent beaches. The state's coastline, which stretches for 187 miles along the Atlantic, is home to some of the most splendid and pristine beaches in the United States. The Grand Strand includes some of the most dazzling and popular beaches for summer tourists. In addition to all this clear blue wealth, South Carolina also possesses enchanting islands. Here are the 10 most popular beaches in the state.

Kiawah Island

Kiawah Island is characterized by its 10 miles (16 kilometers) of wonderful beaches harmonized by splendid lush marshes, breathtaking white sand, and exceptional maritime forestry. Tourists will enjoy the beautiful water beaches of South Carolina by visiting Kiawah Island, which offers them exciting aquatic activities such as kayaks and SUP rentals. They can also play golf at the resort and satisfy their food cravings at the Bohicket Marina Market.

Coligny Beach Park, Hilton Head Island

The enchanting sea breeze in Coligny Beach will carry all tourists' worries and allow them to explore one of the most popular and astonishing beaches in South Carolina. Visitors can spend time in the spectacular public garden equipped with amazing amenities. It is important to note that the location is the safest beach for children due to the presence of active lifeguards. Around Coligny Plaza, visitors can enjoy tasty food and buy beach accessories and clothing as well as unique souvenirs.

Seabrook Island

Tourists will explore the quiet beaches and spectacular wetlands of Seabrook Island, known for its marvelous and greatest swimming beach in South Carolina. Incredible coastline and beautiful trail rides, a health center with aquatics and fitness, mesmerizing beachfront pools, and a hypnotic deep-water marina are all available on the lovely island. Vacationers do not want to miss the most wonderful sunset seen from Pelican Beach. Moreover, friends and families can gather around mouth-drooling food in award-winning eateries.

Myrtle Beach

In terms of the number of visitors, Myrtle Beach is, without a doubt, the most popular aquatic destination in South Carolina. People from all over the world and the country are attracted by this dazzling beach due to its amazing tourist attractions, various exciting entertainment activities, fancy beachfront resorts, and family-friendliness. Moreover, the emerald blue beach's superb white sand keeps tourists coming back. Those looking for a calmer destination should head toward the North Myrtle Beach coast.

Folly Beach, Charleston

Folly Beach is another beautiful sun location that is easily accessible from Charleston. It has a great fishing pier (fishers shall bring their rod), serving as the ideal scenery for a romantic selfie. The beach is also popular for thrilling outdoor activities such as paddle boarding, surfing, sea kayaking, and dolphin spotting excursions. It's also a wonderful beach to simply wander along while admiring the sights of the splendid ocean.

Front Beach, Isle of Palms

A nice 40-minute journey east of Charleston will take tourists to the Isle of Palms, a lovely coastal spot popular with both locals and visitors of the area. The majority of visitors flock to Front Beach, which is known for its ample public parking and quick beach access. Aside from kayaking, surfing, fishing, paddle boarding, and other aquatic activities, the beach serves as a vital stopover for sea turtles. Therefore, visitors shall watch the warning signs because turtles nest and lay their eggs in the dunes.

Pawleys Island

Travelers looking for the finest place with magnificent sculptures, splendid local plant gardens, and astonishing zoos should visit Pawleys Island's white powdery sand beach. This beach has the most pristine shoreline and is well-known for its calm waves, which are ideal for bicycling, shelling, kayaking, and canoeing with family, friends, and loved ones. Pawleys Island offers a gorgeous view of the area's famed waterway, so tourists shall not miss it!

Huntington Beach State Park — Murrells Inlet

The impressive Huntington Beach State Park is one of South Carolina's most well-known sites. With over 2500 acres of outstanding open area to explore, tourists will enjoy the delightful sea-breeze camping with magical sea waves, charming exotic birds, and bewitching sunsets on the East Coast. Art and environment enthusiasts may see endangered creatures such as loggerhead turtles and flora, as well as visit the neighboring Atalaya Arts and Crafts.

Litchfield Beach

The distinctive Litchfield Beach is another excellent option south of Myrtle Beach. The beach is known to be a quiet destination and is full of charming cottages and a nice 1.5-mile stretch to enjoy. Aside from excellent sunbathing and swimming, people looking for water sports can choose various activities from Jet Skis to sea kayaking, as well as fishing. While parking is limited and it is recommended to arrive early, the fact that only two beach access points are available almost assures a peaceful experience.

Family Beach, Surfside

On Family beach, tourists can stroll with their families down the famed 1.2-mile boardwalk that runs along the magnificent coastline of Surfside Beach and immerse themselves in the awesome landscape while dining, shopping, and participating in exciting festivals. The town provides a variety of coastal activities for people of all ages, including music performances and a water park, as well as excellent dining and shopping. Surfboard rentals and lessons are also available for thrill-seekers. Next:

7 Things to Do in Kiawah Island, South Carolina

It’s high time you added this Lowcountry destination to your beach bucket list.Follow winding, oak-shaded roads 25 miles southwest of downtown Charleston's cobblestone streets and celebrated restaurant scene, and you'll find yourself on Kiawah Island. Carved by the Kiawah River on one side and fronting the Atlantic Ocean on the other, the barrier ...

It’s high time you added this Lowcountry destination to your beach bucket list.

Follow winding, oak-shaded roads 25 miles southwest of downtown Charleston's cobblestone streets and celebrated restaurant scene, and you'll find yourself on Kiawah Island. Carved by the Kiawah River on one side and fronting the Atlantic Ocean on the other, the barrier island is a true escape. Here, nature reigns supreme: ten miles of beaches roll out along the Atlantic; cicadas form their own sort of soundtrack; and lights-out is often determined by the sea turtles' nesting season. Even so, there's plenty to do for travelers who like their time in nature punctuated with good food, luxurious creature comforts, and a frozen drink in hand. Here are seven things to do in Kiawah Island, South Carolina.

Stay Like a Local

For access to all of Kiawah's amenities, from bike rentals to pools, you'll have to stay on the island. For an experience that's luxurious but unpretentious, book a room at The Sanctuary, an oceanfront hotel known for its five-star service and elevated onsite dining. For families who want a little room to spread out (or a kitchen), villa and home rentals are a smart choice; reserve through the resort directly, or book through a site like VRBO or Airbnb.

Spend a Day on the Sand

On the west end of the island, Beachwalker Park is Kiawah's only public beach access feels like a hidden gem, thanks to its wide, unspoiled expanses of sand. It offers the best of both worlds too: in addition to the ocean frontage, you can also score views of the Kiawah River here.

Hit the Links

Five state-of-the-art golf courses are open to the public. For avid fans of the sport, the Ocean Course alone makes Kiawah worth the trip. Host to two PGA Championships, the 18-hole course is not for the faint of heart. Raised above the dunes to capitalize on the expansive shore views, golfers are also subjected to ocean breezes (which don't exactly make for an easy or predictable trip around the green). Try Cougar Point for marsh views and a slightly less technical experience.

Go for a Cruise

One of the best ways to explore the island is to leave the car in park and take a beach cruiser for a spin (you can reserve them through the resort or bring your own). Between 30 miles of paved trails and 10 miles of hard-packed beach, there's no shortage of routes to explore. Ask for directions to the Marsh View Tower, an observation deck primed for birdwatching and soaking in the marsh and river scenery.

Visit Heron Park Nature Center

The naturalists here will school you in many of the species who call the island home, from bobcats and white-tailed deer to loggerhead sea turtles and American alligators. Sign up for a guided tour, like "Back Island Birding", "Marsh Kayaking," or "Ocean Seining and Beach Combing," or ask for their recommendations for the best nature-spotting places in the area.

Explore Freshfields Village

Built around a lush lawn, Freshfields Village has plenty of restaurants and shops to explore, plus a boutique stay, the Andell Inn. Pick up a beach read at Indigo Books; snag treats for your four-legged friends at Dolitte's; and gear up for island adventures SeaCoast Sports and Outfitters. Start the morning with coffee and a breakfast sandwich from Java Java; settle in for grilled cheese and a milkshake at retro Vincent's Drugstore & Soda Fountain; or cap off the day with house-made frosé from newly opened The Co-Op. Check their calendar for seasonal events, like summertime's "Music on the Green" concert series and farmer's market.

Venture to Bohicket Marina & Market

Make the short drive to neighboring Seabrook Island for a taste of the area's salty maritime culture. Snag a umbrella-shaded table on the upper deck at Salty Dog Café for fresh catch, a cold beer, and riverfront views of the boats coming and going from the marina.

10 South Carolina Beaches You Should Visit This Summer

Breathtaking beaches may be found all along the beautiful South Carolina coast. Tourists shall try one of the secret beaches on seldom frequented barrier islands if they want to escape away to their own quiet stretch of heaven. These sandy sanctuaries may be found all along the state's coastline, from SC's southernmost point to North Myrtle Beach, and offer a peaceful location to wander down the beach, look for shells, or...

Breathtaking beaches may be found all along the beautiful South Carolina coast. Tourists shall try one of the secret beaches on seldom frequented barrier islands if they want to escape away to their own quiet stretch of heaven. These sandy sanctuaries may be found all along the state's coastline, from SC's southernmost point to North Myrtle Beach, and offer a peaceful location to wander down the beach, look for shells, or simply soak up the sun. Only accessible by boat, most of the mesmerizing islands have remained undeveloped, preserving the beach in its natural state. Here are the best 10 underrated South Carolina beaches.

Charleston's Barrier Islands

Charleston has evolved to become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States, garnering several honors from travel journals. The interesting history, enchanting charm, and tasty gastronomy are all appealing, but tourists can also extend their vacation by a few days to visit some of the greatest beaches in the South. Only 45 minutes to an hour from downtown, the splendid peninsula of Charleston is encircled by barrier islands. There are several beautiful beaches to visit in the area!

Bulls Island

Bulls Island is the biggest of four barrier islands in the Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge, and it stands along with one of the most pristine stretches of shoreline on the east coast. The famous and unique Boneyard Beach, where the remnants of surf-battered trees are sprawled over the sand, is one of its seven miles of beaches. A ferry to the island is available for tourists, as well as a variety of guided excursions such as a Bulls Island sunrise tour, beach drop, kayak trip, and multiday adventure.

Capers Island

Travelers shall visit this state history preserve, located 15 miles (24km) north of Charleston at the southwestern edge of the Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge, on a picturesque kayak or boat tour. Along with a beautiful beach, they will be able to see a variety of dazzling birds, including endangered brown pelicans and ruddy turnstones. On the island, 294 different kinds of migrating birds have been sighted. Capers Island, like Bulls Island, features a "Boneyard Beach" formed by years of erosion.

Daufuskie Island

The splendid Daufuskie Island, located directly over Calibogue Sound from Hilton Head Island, will make its visitors feel a million miles away from society. It's not uncommon to observe no one when walking along the bewitching white sand beaches. To get to Daufuskie, travelers have to take a boat or water taxi from Hilton Head to Freeport Marina's public pier, then hire a golf cart and drive all the way across the island to the beach. They should not miss out on seeing the astonishing remainder of this remote South Carolina sea island and its numerous wonderful historical monuments while they're there.

Morris Island

This amazing 840-acre deserted island is located at the mouth of Charleston Harbor, across Lighthouse Inlet from Folly Beach, and is known for its historic 19th-century lighthouse. The incredible 150-foot brick structure now remains in the ocean just offshore after years of degradation. The stunning beach, on the other hand, is as lovely as ever, and it's an awesome place to hunt for seashells, especially sand dollars. Morris Island may be visited on a boat or kayak excursion organized by local outfitters.

Folly Beach

Folly Beach, South Carolina, is renowned as the "Edge of America" and is one of Charleston's most beautiful, well-known, and famous beaches. The Washout is a notable surfing area on the island's awesome eastern edge. If tourists continue walking until they reach a cul-de-sac, they may stroll to an abandoned road with hurricane-damaged foundations covered in colorful graffiti. A rookery of pelicans may also be seen where the Atlantic Ocean meets the clear water of Folly River.

Seabrook Island

The magnificent Seabrook Island has been home to soldiers, pirates, and well-to-do Charleston families over the years. The Seabrook Island Club is now a private community with beach access and vacation rentals. The splendid beaches are exclusively available to members and visitors due to the island's setup. The bewitching untouched sand is unlike any other beach in South Carolina. Aside from the beaches, Seabrook Island's tourists may ride their bikes throughout the land. Marsh rabbits, sea turtles, whitetail deer, and alligators are just a few of the fauna worth seeing.

Isle of Palms

The unique Isle of Palms is a high-end destination. Although the beautiful beach is still available to the public, there are several places that are only accessible if visitors stay at a resort or rent a unit. Beach access is available at Isle of Palms County Park, along with expert seasonal lifeguards and a dedicated swimming area for children. An exciting playground and marvelous picnic areas are also available.

The Grand Strand

The astonishing "Grand Strand," which runs between the Little River and Georgetown on the northern coast of South Carolina, is the state's greatest stretch of beautiful beach. The Waccamaw tribe used to live here until Europeans arrived after the American Revolution. Every year, millions of people visit this area, particularly the impressive Myrtle Beach. Unlike several other regions of the state, the Grand Strand has public access to all of its marvelous beaches. Family-friendly attractions are well-known in the area.

Pawleys Island

The tranquil and magical area of Pawleys Island, one of the region's oldest resort areas, is the first stop on the tourist's route north on King's Highway. There are a few fancy golf clubs and resorts on the "mainland" side of town, but visitors cannot access the beach from there. However, if they cross a beautiful little inlet, they will be on the wonderful island itself. They can also visit Otis Beach, which is a popular public beach.


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