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We've all heard the expression "a picture is worth a thousand words". And photos really are a special way to help tell the story of our lives - who we are and what's important to us.

And, of course, some images speak to us more strongly than others. More often than not we love a photo not so much because it shows us how we look but because it captures a very human element that is hard to express in words an authentic connection with those we love or with ourselves and how we show up or want to be seen in the world.

Whether you're looking to capture someone's attention with a professional headshot or want to commemorate the beautiful connection with your partner or family, I can help.

My name is Adam Chandler, and as a professional photographer in Greenville, SC. I truly find joy and fulfillment in the work I do. I love the adventure of photography and I continually immerse myself in learning and exploring how to improve my craft which includes learning new ways to connect with and capture my subjects. I truly understand that, for many people (if not most), even the idea of having your picture taken can cause a good bit of discomfort and anxiety. That's why I place so much importance on putting my subjects at ease while also really listening to any concerns or wants they have for their session.

I draw upon my technical knowledge of photography, my ability to connect with people, and my creativity to produce beautifully memorable photos for my clients. I believe that my unique creative vision and many years of experience combined with the way I strive to give my clients the most enjoyable experience possible sets me apart from some of the other great photographers in Greenville.


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Family Photography Greenville, SC  Photographer Greenville, SC


Now that you know a little about my background, let's take a look at some of
my most popular photography services in Greenville: My mission is to beautifully capture the joy and connection of each unique family while also creating a fun experience for my clients.

 Portrait Photographer Greenville, SC

The importance of family is hard to overstate. From children to grandparents to nieces and nephews, families and the family dynamic can grow and change before you know it, with many beautiful milestones taking place along the way.

I think that one of the best ways to remember some of these important moments of togetherness is with a fun family photo session.

I absolutely love photographing families and, while no two families are the same, I always strive to give each session my all in order to best connect with and capture the uniqueness of each family. Even though each session is somewhat different, I approach each one with the same goal: to capture the distinct personality, affection, and energy of each family in order to provide authentic, engaging pictures and a joyful experience.

Whether you have a toddler that you want to celebrate or have grandparents in town for a visit, Greenville is an amazing city for family photography. There are so many locations in the Lowcountry that make for great family photography backdrops:

  • Beaches - Folly Beach, Sullivan's Island, Kiawah, Seabrook, Isle of Palms, Hilton Head, Edisto Beach
  • Popular Places - Washington Square, Broad Street, Hampton Park, Waterfront Park, Shem Creek, The Cistern at College of Greenville
  • Historical Sites - Greenville Battery, Fort Sumter, Magnolia Plantation and Gardens, Rainbow Row

Whatever location you choose for family photography in Greenville, the Holy City is a wonderful place to explore and enjoy with friends and family.

As a family photographer in Greenville, one of the reasons why I love working with families so much (in addition to getting to meet some really awesome people) is the opportunity to combine my creativity with my ever-evolving technical skill. I also gladly accommodate the style preferences my clients are looking for - be it more traditional, posed images, or candid, playful pictures.

I use a clear yet relaxed style of direction to get you and your family engaged in our photography session, to help get authentic expressions that really show the unique dynamic and relationships of each family.

Here are just a few reasons why families choose Adam Chandler Photography for their family portraits:

Document Family Growth

Change, of course, is part of life and with each passing year families, too, change and often grow. Each stage is beautiful in its own way and having annual family photographs is a fun way to document the different seasons of family life. Be it a new baby, a birthday or anniversary or simply wanting to capture your kids at each special age, I'd be honored to be chosen to help tell the story of your family over the years.

Remember Milestones

With each year that passes, new milestones are reached. From a child's first steps to a sibling getting married, there is no better way to remember these wonderful occasions than with quality photographs. Whether you're welcoming a new puppy into your life, are celebrating an anniversary or finally have gathered your extended family together in one place, capturing these special times in your life is a great way to ensure you'll be able to enjoy and relive these moments years from now.

Create Memories

Many families tell me before their sessions that it's not often that they are all able to be together and they emphasize how special and important this session is. Or, perhaps, a mom or dad will talk about how fleetingly special a certain age of their child is and how they really want to capture their children's personalities. Even if you capture lots of great moments of your family throughout the year it's likely not very often that all of you are in the pictures at once (other than maybe having a stranger tell you to "say cheese" after you hand them your phone. Having a time that's dedicated to capturing the special bonds between family members - parents and their children, grandparents and their grandchildren, siblings and maybe extended family as well - is so important. We all know just how special these people and moments are and how we tend to treasure these memories more with each passing year.

Portraits And Headshots In Greenville, SC

A great headshot shows you at your best - whether you want to impress a prospective employer or need professional photography for your website. In today's digitally-intensive society, having a professional headshot or portrait of you or your team that stands out for all the right reasons is becoming a necessity. It's no surprise, then, that headshots and portraits are among the most popular genres of photography.

Headshots can be tricky, mostly because many (if not most) people don't like being in front of the camera (trust me, I totally get that). I know that for some clients, it can be hard to know what to do, what to wear or how to relax enough to let their authentic selves come through so that they can end up with a professional photo or headshot that inspires authenticity and confidence.

Fortunately, I have years of experience taking professional headshots of all types of people. No matter what your comfort level is with having your picture taken, I pride myself on being able to create the conditions necessary to help capture my clients as you want to be seen. Through lighting, posing and direct yet relaxed interaction I'll help guide you to great photos that you’ll be proud to showcase and share with others.

A professional headshot or portrait is an investment into your personal brand, and here is why:

 Portrait Photographer Greenville, SC
 Best Photographer Greenville, SC

Show Your Personality

Not all headshots should be approached the same way. Depending on your industry or how you'll be using the photos, there are certain things to consider. A great headshot reflects not just how you look but also how you show up in the world. It can help give people an idea of the kind of person you are before you sit down to meet them. Oftentimes, too, people may want a variety of "looks" to suit different needs and uses. My goal is to listen to your expectations and then deliver results that will serve you will in your professional and/or personal life.

 Beach Photography Greenville, SC

Show Your Professionalism

Clients, collaborators, investors, and employers are typically much more likely to interview you or to contact you or your business if you look professional. If you've taken the time to invest in your brand, in part by making the effort to arrange a professional headshot, people notice that. And who doesn't want to make a great first (or second or third) impression?

 Family Portrait Photographer Greenville, SC

Stand Out on Social Media

Many of my clients make appointments for headshots and portraits when they want to stand out from the crowd on social media. Whether you own a business and need to create new social media pages or you're looking to network with recruiters on LinkedIn or, perhaps, update your website, a professional headshot can definitely set you apart in the modern sea of selfies and snapshots that you often see out there.

 Wedding Photographer Greenville, SC

Show Off Your Current Look

None of us look the same as we did 10 or 15 years ago yet some of us keep the same photo up for decades. Having outdated headshots can send a message of inauthenticity. When you have up-to-date, professional headshots, you're showing clients and employers that you are confident, committed, and authentic.

 Headshots Greenville, SC

Qualities Of A Great Photographer In Greenville, SC

Being a great photographer means more than owning fancy equipment. While having expensive gear can be quite helpful, the real test of a professional, for me, has a lot more to do with being able to draw upon my deep understanding of the craft of photography so that I can focus more on connecting with and beautifully capturing my subjects without getting bogged down in figuring out the technical side of things. It's taken me many years to get where I am and I'm always striving to improve in order to continue to deliver the best pictures and most enjoyable experience possible for my clients.

Clients choose Adam Chandler Photography because my experience shows and they trust me to always give them the results and experience that they're looking for. Here are just a few qualities that my clients appreciate:

 Engagement Photography Greenville, SC


I wholeheartedly consider photography to be an artform - one that requires lots of curiosity and imagination along with a good bit of technique. A great photographer knows how to get beautiful results no matter what the conditions or circumstances are and this only comes with experience and preparation.

Family Photography Greenville, SC


This quality might seem obvious but I can't tell you how many times I've seen photography that may be technically good but is missing something. My passion for photography largely comes from my passion for connecting with people in a way that helps them feel comfortable letting their guard down so they can enjoy the process. And this almost always leads to exceptional, authentic images.

 Photographer Greenville, SC


Patience can also be essential for great photos. As in life, there are many things that we just can't control. Sometimes the best photos come from patiently going with the flow and not trying to force something to happen. I find that when I'm patient yet prepared - ready to capture the right moment or expression when the time is right - that's often the best approach. As a professional with many years of experience, I understand the importance of having the patience to deal with whatever comes my way as well as the flexibility and preparedness to make the most out of any situation.

 Portrait Photographer Greenville, SC

People Skills

If ever there was a business where people skills were important I think portrait photography is definitely one of them. Knowing how uncomfortable many people can be when getting their pictures taken, I put every effort into helping ensure the best possible experience for my clients and communication is such a big part of that. I love interacting with my clients to build trust and rapport as well as a deep understanding of your expectations including any concerns you may have. As I've said, for me my job is not just about delivering beautiful images but also a wonderful client experience. That's why I focus so much on each and every interaction with my clients. Yes, people skills are a must in this business. Luckily for me, it's one of my favorite parts of the job!

Eye for Detail

As a professional photographer in Greenville, SC I am meticulous when it comes to details. Through my many years of photographing many different types of subjects under many different circumstances I've come to learn just how important details are. Whether it's finding or creating the best quality of light for my clients, eliciting a great expression or
adjusting the background or, perhaps, a piece of clothing, all of these things impact the overall look and feel of a photo. Whether I'm photographing a family, a business professional or a couple in love I always look for all the ways I can create the best image possible.

 Portrait Photographer Greenville, SC
 Best Photographer Greenville, SC

"As I hope you can tell by looking at my work, I really love my job. And most of all I love the people I get to meet and work with. I'd be honored and delighted to be chosen for your photography needs."

Adam Chandler

Ready to Get Started?

One of my favorite things to do is to talk to clients about what they're looking for and how I can serve them. If you are in need of professional photography, let's talk today about what you have in mind. Whether you're looking for family or couples' photography in Greenville or want great new headshots for you or your team, I'm here to help every step of the way!  

Latest News in Greenville, SC

How trees transformed Greenville, SC’s Main Street

One of our favorite things about Greenville is how green it is, especially on Main Street. The canopy of tall green trees makes it the perfect place to walk, shop + eat outside. DYK: Main Street didn’t always look this way?Main Street started as a four-lane highway, filling downtown with the hum of car noise. It had narrow, empty sidewalks, parallel parking + not a tree in si...

One of our favorite things about Greenville is how green it is, especially on Main Street. The canopy of tall green trees makes it the perfect place to walk, shop + eat outside. DYK: Main Street didn’t always look this way?

Main Street started as a four-lane highway, filling downtown with the hum of car noise. It had narrow, empty sidewalks, parallel parking + not a tree in sight.

In 1968, city leaders created the Downtown Development Plan to revive the city center, and work began in 1979. Main Street was condensed to a two-lane road, sidewalks were expanded to 18 feet to allow room for pedestrians and outdoor dining + dozens of trees were planted.

Willow oaks + red maples lined Main Street until 2000, when Dale Westermeier, a horticulturalist and Greenville’s former Parks and Recreation Director, discovered that the trees were planted too close together and would eventually die.

Under Westermeier’s leadership, the red maples were replaced over the next decade with the trees we see today: Chinese elms, black gums, Nuttall oaks, Chinese pistache + Shumard oaks. Around 200 trees now line the streets of downtown, and provide benefits like:

Greenville’s downtown + tree-lined Main Street have been lauded in publications like Condé Nast, Thrillist, and Travel + Leisure. The trees have helped transform Greenville into Southern Living’s South’s Best City On The Rise, bringing people from all over to enjoy our tree-mendous Main Street.

Want to help keep Greenville green by planting a tree in your own backyard? Check out tree planting guidelines from Trees Upstate + keep an eye out for a free tree giveaway this fall.

The wild west of homeowners associations in South Carolina

Michael Cassar has been locked in a costly, two-year legal dispute with his homeowners association over three steps he wanted to build off his backyard deck in an upscale Greenville neighborhood. And now he gives newcomers here a heads-up.“If you’re buying a home in Greenville and it’s under 20 years old, there’s probably 90% chance it’s going to have an HOA,” the local real estate agent says.With Greenville ranking among the nation’s ...

Michael Cassar has been locked in a costly, two-year legal dispute with his homeowners association over three steps he wanted to build off his backyard deck in an upscale Greenville neighborhood. And now he gives newcomers here a heads-up.

“If you’re buying a home in Greenville and it’s under 20 years old, there’s probably 90% chance it’s going to have an HOA,” the local real estate agent says.

With Greenville ranking among the nation’s 10-fastest growing cities, HOAs are coming under increased scrutiny, according to people who live in them, people who manage them and lawyers involved in them.

HOAs adopt and enforce community standards, codified in covenants, conditions and restrictions, or CC&Rs, and bylaws. Membership is required. So is due diligence, stakeholders say.

Bruce Braun, president of the five-member HOA board at Montebello, a gated Paris Mountain community where lists homes for sale in the $800,000s, calls HOAs a “constitution.”

“It’s an extension of my house, the way I take care of my own home. I want to make sure that our community, all of our common area, are maintained on a similar level,” he says.

But disputes happen, and those sometimes boil over. Consider Cassar’s case.

In February 2020, he submitted a request to the HOA to add steps that would extend 3 feet into the 60-by-120-foot lot of the custom home he built for around $800,000 in 2016 in a Hollingsworth Park neighborhood in Verdae.

Neighbors claimed that, even though Cassar says the HOA’s architectural-review panel had approved his plan, the stairs violated the Braydon Homeowners Associations’ CC&Rs.

Next came lawsuits, mediation involving a half-dozen lawyers, heated exchanges with members— and legal bills he says amounted to some $75,000 for both sides.

He blames the situation on over-zealousness. “I think it’s when people take a little bit of power, they become tyrannical,” he says.

Eric Kohorn, vice president of association management at NHE, calls those people “condo commandos,” but when it comes to purchasing a home in an HOA, he says, “It’s buyer beware.”

From his Greenville-based firm that manages more than 80 community associations in 15 Southeastern states, he encourages buyers to vet HOAs with the same care they give to closing documents their real estate attorneys are required to provide.

Bailey Parker, director of public information at the state Department of Consumer Affairs, also advises prospective HOA members to know thy neighbor.

“This may seem creepy, but go door to door and talk to people,” she says. “Just knock and say, ‘Hey, I’m thinking of buying the house across the street or in this neighborhood. How do you like the HOA?’”

Hers is the only state agency involved in HOAs, but its job isn’t regulatory; it can only monitor and field complaints and attempt mediation.

Therein lies the problem, Kohorn and others say.

“My observation about South Carolina is that it seems to be very libertarian and just everybody gets to do whatever they want to do as long as it doesn’t hurt somebody else, and the state prefers to just let them litigate,” says Kohorn, who has been in the property management business for 16 years.

Kohorn worked in Alabama and Florida for 13 years before moving to Greenville in 2019. He cites the latter state as the premier source for regulatory standards.

“When it comes to HOAs, it’s kind of the wild, wild west here,” he says.

He points to the Florida Community Association Act, which runs 52 pages. Among its many requirements are that HOA board members must obtain state certification within 90 days of their election and condominiums must produce an annual FAQ document for prospective owners.

In 2018, the same year Florida’s rules took effect, South Carolina adopted the Department of Consumer Affairs Services for Homeowners and Homeowners Associations Act. Only the title is longer than Florida’s Chapter 720; the Palmetto state’s law runs five pages.

That lack of regulation “creates kind of a vacuum where things can happen that don’t normally happen in an HOA” in the Sunshine State, says Kohorn.

Take, for instance, the case of Nicholas Galipeau, a property manager who embezzled from 10 Greenville-area HOAs over three to four years. In 2019, Galipeau, then 36, owned Commercial Management Co.

He ultimately turned himself into Greenville County sheriff’s deputies after admitting he had stolen money to salvage his other company, a lawn-maintenance business, according to an arrest report obtained through the Freedom of Information Act.

He provided authorities with a handwritten list of the subdivisions and his loot: $720,659.76, the report shows.

“It was never my intention to have this go so badly, but I take full responsibility for my terrible judgment. It has literally cost me everything,” Galipeau is quoted as saying in the report.

What might prevent something like that from happening?

“Regulation. It’s as simple as that,” says Simon Kaye, owner of Community Management Partners. “It needs to be state-level regulation.”

Echoing Kohorn, he adds: “I would pull the whole Florida HOA code, put it in South Carolina. There’s a lot more transparency between the board, the homeowners and the management company.”

William Swent, attorney for the Braydon HOA in the Cassar case, says has no sympathy for those who move into HOAs without doing their homework, but he also doesn’t buy the argument that there is a need for state regulation.

“I’m a big believer in the private marketplace, especially when it comes to real estate rights and encumbrances,” says Swent, a partner in Greenville’s Fox Rothschild firm.

A homeowners association, he says, is “nothing short of democracy.”

“It’s the collective conscience of the community, flexing its muscle,” Swent says. “I don’t know why we need to regulate that because some one person was offended at collective will.”

Kaye and Kohorn say they have approached state lawmakers about creating more oversight; the Greenville Journal reached out to six legislators in Greenville, Horry and Richland counties, and only two returned calls; those representatives spoke off the record about their distaste for more regulation — and for HOAs in general.

“It is a complete cluster,” Kohorn says. “If you just wrote a comprehensive HOA statute and condo statute and regulated the management companies and the boards, I think a lot of people’s perspective on HOAs and the way things go in the state would change overnight.”

What is an HOA?

Residents in homeowners associations adopt and abide by covenants, conditions and restrictions, or CC&Rs, designed to maintain property values and community standards — for instance, no multihued mailboxes or cars on blocks in the yard.

Operating as nonprofits, the associations also levy dues to finance common-area maintenance and upkeep of community amenities such as pools, clubhouses, tennis courts and the like. Monthly dues nationwide average $250 per household, according to iPropertyManagement, a clearinghouse for property management resources and research.

HOA boards also have the power to enforce all manner of rules, from architecture to landscaping, from fences to garbage cans and more. HOAs can disallow or limit pets and can even determine specific breeds. Some covenants can even tell you whether you can leave your car parked in a driveway and whether a guest’s car can stay on your property overnight.

As an example, the Cliffs Valley and Cliffs Valley North CC&Rs document runs 80 pages.

You can access properties’ covenants and restrictions through Greenville County’s Register of Deeds. HOAs, as nonprofits, are also registered with the state, and you can find them through the South Carolina Secretary of State’s office.

The state gives the South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs no regulatory authority but requires the agency to collect data on HOAs. In 2021, the DCA reported only eight complaints from Greenville.

This year, statewide, the DCA reported:

Source: South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs Homeowners Association Complaint Reports

In 2020, South Carolina was home to around 7,000 community associations, with more than 1.3 million people, or about 25% of the people in South Carolina, living in one. Roughly 80% of new homes sold in 2020 are located in HOA communities, up 7.5% year-over-year.

From 1970 to 2020, community associations across the country grew from 10,000 to 355,000, with planned communities accounting for 61%, condos 36% and cooperatives 3%.

In South Carolina’s HOAs, 45,500 association board and committee members volunteer $47.1 million worth of their time to manage homes valued at $114.2 billion.

Costs for association operations, physical-asset management, major repairs and replacements, capital improvements, conservation, and sustainability run $2.5 million in the state.

Sources: Community Associations Institute (South Carolina chapter), the Foundation for Community Association Research and iPropertyManagement.

HOA resources The South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs provides ample literature and YouTube videos for consumers.


How Does an HOA Know What It Can or Cannot Do?

South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs Contact Information

(800) 922-1594 Toll free in SC (803) 734-4200

293 Greystone Blvd. Suite 400 Columbia, SC 29210

Mailing Address: PO Box 5757 Columbia, SC 29250

The Community Associations Institute’s 2022 Homeowner Satisfaction Survey found:

Source: Foundation for Community Association Research video

These Stores Can Save You Money in Greenville, SC

Looking for discounts, deals, and savings that help stretch your budget in Greenville, SC? You’ve come to the right place. We have some ideas to help you save money. Use these lists of consignment shops to help with clothes shopping, tips for saving money on food, and lots more.Save Money on ClothesIt seems my kids are constantly outgrowing clothes so much so that I’ve kind of given up on keeping them fully stocked. If there’s a good deal on jeans, shorts, t-shirts, or sneakers, you can bet those items are g...

Looking for discounts, deals, and savings that help stretch your budget in Greenville, SC? You’ve come to the right place. We have some ideas to help you save money. Use these lists of consignment shops to help with clothes shopping, tips for saving money on food, and lots more.

Save Money on Clothes

It seems my kids are constantly outgrowing clothes so much so that I’ve kind of given up on keeping them fully stocked. If there’s a good deal on jeans, shorts, t-shirts, or sneakers, you can bet those items are going in my cart because someone at home needs them, no question. It’s only gotten worse as we’ve entered the teen years. So, I’m always looking for ways to save money on clothing.

Kids Consignment Shops

Consignment shops can be a great place to find deals on clothes for kids for back to school or anytime. We asked our readers about their favorite kid’s consignment shops near Greenville to build out a list for you! Check out these popular consignment stores for kids near Greenville.

Consignment Sales

Different from a brick-and-mortar shop, these consignment sales happen once or twice a year. In addition to clothes, you’ll find deals on baby items, toys, games, shows, and more. Many people will shop at these events and get their child’s entire wardrobe in one trip. These are the consignment sales happening near the Upstate.

Women’s Clothing Consignment Stores

If you’re loving those consignment store prices, you’ll want to check out these Women’s Clothing Consignment Stores near Greenville. These are reader favorite shops so they come recommended!

Different from consignment stores, thrift store items are donated and the proceeds are used, usually, to fund a charity organization. Because items are donated the prices are often significantly cheaper than even consignment stores.

Miracle Hill Thrift Stores

Nearly New Shop: 119 Greenacre Road, Greenville

Goodwill: Multiple locations in the Upstate

Red Ribon Resale: 803 Pendelton Street, Greenville

Dream Center Resale Store: 2111 North Pleasantburg Drive, Greenville

Second Chances Thrift Store: 2425 New Easley Highway, Greenville

Don’t overlook rewards programs, coupons, and apps when clothes shopping. These little things, especially when combined with sales really add up.

For example, did you know that you can return Amazon items to Kohl’s, and not only will they handle your return, but they’ll also give you a $5 coupon to use on anything in the store? Their clearance sections are often very affordably priced making it possible to get a shirt for just a dollar or two after that coupon. Kohls also has a rewards program that sends you coupons for your birthday, and based on amount of past purchases, which can also add up.

If you’re shopping at Target, don’t forget to check the sales in their app, which may not show up on signs in the store. There are big discounts hiding in the app and you don’t get them without it.

Saving Money on Food

One way to save money is by ordering groceries, which sounds strange because there is often at the very least the addition of a tip or delivery fee to consider. However, when ordering groceries it can be easier to stick exactly to your list of needs and leave impulse items on the shelves. We have a list of grocery delivery and pick-up options in the Upstate.

If you do head to the store in person, learn how your stores handle clearance items. Did you know if you head to the back of Lowes Foods you’ll find a bakery clearance shelf and a pantry items clearance shelf? My kids love to stop here because they know I’m much more likely to pick up that specialty bread item if it’s a dollar or two and not $5. Lowes also has clearance dairy and deli items located in their refrigerated sections with large red stickers on individual items with a price drop. Look for them and you can really save.

Shopping from local farms can also save you money, especially if you are buying items that are in season or in bulk. This might mean purchasing and freezing gallons of berries during pick season, or purchasing a side of beef cut to order once a year.

Back to School

School Supplies: Don’t forget we have a list of places where you can get free school supplies in the Upstate!

Teacher gifts: Yes, we have a list for that, too. Here are some ideas about what gift to get your child’s teacher and we even have some low-cost and totally free ideas that teachers love.

Deals on the School Uniforms that Fit: Our readers chimed about their favorite places to buy school uniforms for price, comfort, and more.

Tax-free weekend: In South Carolina tax free weekend offers an opportunity to save a little money by not paying sales tax on specific items like clothing and computers.

Cheap haircuts, dental care, and more at Greenville Tech Student-Run Clinics! Hair cuts for kids are just $5 at Greenville Tech and there are several other services that including dental care and dog grooming that are available to the public at a steep discount.

What are your favorite places to save money?

MORE! Save money on things to do with this list of free and cheap things to do in Greenville, SC!

Embark on the “Brewmiceter Hops Hunt” at eight Greenville, SC breweries

You’ve heard of Mice on Main, but what if they ventured off, put on really cool costumes + grabbed a brew? Enter the “Brewmiceter Hops Hunt.” Three Greenvillians — Darcy, Deb, and Jerry — wanted to support local businesses and hid eight themed mice at local breweries for y...

You’ve heard of Mice on Main, but what if they ventured off, put on really cool costumes + grabbed a brew? Enter the “Brewmiceter Hops Hunt.” Three Greenvillians — Darcy, Deb, and Jerry — wanted to support local businesses and hid eight themed mice at local breweries for you to find. Once you find the mouse, you’re supposed to enjoy a cold one before moving forward in the hunt (they suggest finishing over several days + encourage drinking responsibly).

If you embark on this quest, tag #BrewmiceterHopsHunt and #DrinkUpGreenville.

Hint 1

“Let the hunt begin at Greenville’s oldest brewery. You will find Grandpa Mouse here down by the Creek. He is old but has been around the brewhouse and hides like no other, so look hard.”

Hint 2

Thirteen miles northeast, you will find Blanch Battles Mouse. At this brewery, they believe local businesses should continue the legacies from their ancestors and help to “create and foster” the communities around them.

Hint 3

Feet tired? Fly like a swallow and visit Funky Fun Fretta Mouse and enjoy some saisons, sours, and many other delicious beers. Be sure to finish off your visit by leaving an imprint from your beer glass on a table.

Hint 4

Traverse over to where the sun sets and they Brew Four The Love! Here Trevor Mouse is hiking high among the Pine Trees. This small batch microbrewery specializes in true-to-style craft beer. You might run into a hockey player and you are sure to meet some friendly locals.

Hint 5

Godfather Mouse is not more than a couple of hops up the trail. Here the brewmaster has over 30 years of experience and honed his craft in Germany. You will find a special release or two at this lager-forward brewpub.

Hint 6

Time to hunt for Local Lyle Mouse. His farmhouse attitude loves locally sourced ingredients and his Belgian brewing techniques create beers that range from approachable saisons to challenging barrel-aged sours.

Hint 7

It is not Quittin’ Time yet. Y’all will find Peter Prost Mouse still hard at work at this brewery. It is time to blend Southern culture with craft beer spirit using traditional German brewing techniques.

Hint 8

At the end of this hunt, look for Gaspar Mouse. Put your tires to rest and top off the day with some of the best-named beers in town – gems like The Spice Is Right. Here, you are back in the heart of Greenville where a crew that creates with passion and serves with enthusiasm will take great care of you.

Hints via Brewmiceter on Loyal to Greenville

Drink Up Week specials in Greenville, SC

Cheers, GVL. It’s officially #DrinkUpGreenville week. From cold brews to cocktails, we’re celebrating our beverage community all week long.Here are 10+ drink specials to start sippin’:You’ve had a cocktail, but what about a “beertail?” Southernside is serving up five beertails, each made with one of their in-house brews + a spirit, like the Unity Park Beer-garita, featuring Unity Park (Cream) Ale, simple syrup, lime, orange juice, and ...

Cheers, GVL. It’s officially #DrinkUpGreenville week. From cold brews to cocktails, we’re celebrating our beverage community all week long.

Here are 10+ drink specials to start sippin’:

You’ve had a cocktail, but what about a “beertail?” Southernside is serving up five beertails, each made with one of their in-house brews + a spirit, like the Unity Park Beer-garita, featuring Unity Park (Cream) Ale, simple syrup, lime, orange juice, and Lunazul Blanco tequila. Also try The Black Pearl, Whiskey Sour, Trust Your Fate, and Most Known Unknown.

Get your pub + play on with Undisclosed Girl Scout Cookie, a cocktail that tastes like a coconut cookie or go for all the flavor of a classic cocktail minus the alcohol with the non-alcoholic Old Fashioned.

Grab a cold brew blend of Rwandan + Colombian coffee or a cascara, a fruity, hibiscus-like iced tea made from the dried coffee cherry (not the seed) — visit their tent at the Greer Farmers Market Tues., July 26 or the Travelers Rest Farmers Market on Sat., July 30.

Start your day with a throwback to the 1950s with a modern twist — an Orange Julius Cold Brew: house-made cold brew made with Methodical Coffee’s “Pink Lady” Beans, sweetened with Mountain Goat’s signature “Old Fashioned” simple syrup (an infusion made with fresh orange juice and zest, cinnamon and rosemary), and topped with a scoop of Clare’s Creamery “Orangesicle” ice cream.

Wrap the day with a Pomegranate Rosé, featuring a 2021 “Côtes de Thau” french rosé and topped it with a splash of sparkling pomegranate juice + two house-made ice cubes that melt and disperse fresh berries and rose petals as you enjoy this summer sipper.

Celebrate Eagle Mountain’s first anniversary + Drink Up Week with two new wines: A Blanc de Blanc Sparkling Wine and a Rose of Pinot Noir. The winery will donate $2 to Habitat for Humanity for every bottle sold of Blanc de Blanc + $2 to Cancer Survivor’s Alliance Park for every bottle sold of the Rose of Pinot Noir.

You don’t need a sunrise to enjoy some tequila. Cool off with the 21 Seeds Tequila Valencia Orange Hibiscus Agua Fresca, shaken + garnished with fresh lime.

Master Mixologist Baileigh Wilson’s created three new cocktails to try at each of the hotel’s bars — all of which are made with Six & Twenty Distillery double-made gin:

People watch from a swing outside Paloma (@paloma.gvl) with a Paloma 76

Catch views of downtown Greenville while sipping on the Ballroom Spritz

Sink into the week with a Slightly Passionate

Toast to Drink Up Week with five new cocktails, each made with a different Six & Twenty spirit, like Tuesday’s “No Vacancy,” made with Six & Twenty’s Old Money Whiskey, house grenadine, lemon, mint, and campari. Get a taste of the Lavender Lemon Drop on Monday, Palmetto Peach Lemonade on Wednesday, the Oak & Honey Old Fashioned on Thursday, the Carolina Colada on Friday, and all five on Saturday.

Looking for a non-alcoholic way to cool off in the summer heat? Sip on one of Saltwater Kitchen’s infused waters, with flavors like Blueberry Lime Mint, Lemon Peach + Strawberry Basil — each carafe is $10 and serves four people.

Celebrate Drink Up week + Wellborn Winery’s fifth year with live music from the 1950s-1970s featuring Bobby Blakely and his buddy “Elvis” Sat., July 30 from 3:30-5:30 pm. Plus, enjoy their July special: Buy one bottle of rosé, + get the second half off.

Snag a summer sipper from Greenville’s first cider tap room, the cider mule in a mason jar — plus, enjoy 4-for-$4 cider flights.

Iron Hill’s pouring up Dankonia, a New England-style hazy IPA with notes of pineapple, tropical fruits, and hops.

Brew up a cup of Methodical Coffee at home by buying a bag from the Six & Main shop.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #DrinkUpGreenville on social media + tag @GVLtoday for a chance to get featured.

All promotions are subject to change — make sure to follow each business’s website and socials for the latest news. Cheers, Greenville.

Drink Up Week Playlist

Whether you’re sipping on a craft cocktail, cold beer, glass of wine, cup of tea, or hot latte, you deserve a playlist. We asked about your favorite drinking songs and you (sign, sealed) delivered. Cheers, GVL + check out our official playlist below for this week’s Drink Up Greenville festivities.


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